Offline was yesterday, web applications are today

This saying was brought to life through the "ARMIN" catalogue system.

The "ARMIN" catalogue system (short for Automotive Retail Market Information) is available in 17 languages and designed with usability in mind thanks to its graphical interface. Updates associated with parts, prices, promotional offers, and general information take place "just in time" thanks to this exclusively web-based application.

When thinking about the application of our solutions, we always keep the customer/country specific requirements as well as implementation at parts suppliers at the forefront of our considerations.

Integration into existing DMS systems at the various parts wholesalers such as SAP, Navision, etc., is also of utmost importance to us. Another integral element taken into consideration is access management at the country level, each of which comes with its own special conditions.

Your benefits

  • Customer-specific, international solutions
  • 17 languages
  • Easy to use thanks to the graphical interface
  • Can be integrated easily into existing systems
  • Promotional product visualizations
  • Integration of country-specific producers (third-party suppliers)
  • Flawless data management
  • Connection to suppliers of technical data

Latest news

19 | 08 | 15

Film ab! CENTROdigital und ARMIN nutzen MICROSOFT Azure

Sehen Sie, wie die Plattform CENTROdigital/ARMIN Werkst├Ątten hilft, schnell exakt das richtige Ersatzteil zu finden und es schnellstens einzubauen.
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01 | 03 | 12

"ARMIN" Catalogue system (Brazil) (copy 2)

The "ARMIN" catalogue system is introduced onto market by one of our distribution partners in Brazil.

01 | 03 | 12

New catalogue area for Universal Parts

A new area designed specifically for universal parts like batteries, tyres, multimedia devices, and so on has been created.